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    PT. Multipanel fabricates Power Control Room to meet each customer’s specification and custom design. Main equipments such as switchgear, motor control center, distributed control system (DCS) panel, programmable logic controller panel, DC system etc are prewired and factory tested before delivery. Customer needs to provide a suitable foundation to place the Power Control Room and to provide an incoming and outgoing connection. Additional equipment such as HVAC unit, pressurization unit, fire and gas detection system, fire suppression system, public address and general alarm (PA/GA) etc are also available.

    PT. Multipanel have the experience to get the work progress and finishing product certified by the American Bureau Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Bureau Veritas (BV), and Moody International . Third party certification for work in progress include raw material quality and traceability, welder qualification, welding procedure specification, performance quality records, weld inspections, tolerance alignments, corrosion control system, non destructive testing and load test.

    Advantages of using transportable power control room :

    1. Low Installation cost. Customer provides a suitable foundation where the Power Control Room can be placed.
    2. Start up time is minimum. All equipments inside are prewired and factory tested .
    3. Reduce the possibility of delay to install all equipment inside. To install all the equipment inside a concrete or fix building at the job site need a tremendous coordination with multiple equipment vendors.
    4. Single contact point. PT. Multipanel will facilitate the Scheduling and Expediting.
    5. Any size and any combination of equipment inside are possible, Custom Design.
    6. Elevated building design is simple. To build elevated building is a lot uncomplicated with transportable power control room. Cable installation and connection in an elevated building are easier and faster. All cable can be located on an exposed cable tray where cable maintenance and inspection are not complicated.
    7. Our customer can focus on the main task. The electrical engineer of our customer organization can focus on the main task that is important and few such as developping single line diagram, three line diagram, load study, short circuit study, motor starting study, control schematic, equipment specification etc. PT. Multipanel will take care of the work that is trivial and many such as arranging the equipment layout, making sure the right clearance, sizing the cable tray, sizing the floor and wall cable entry, sizing correct cable transit, and etc.