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  • Mobile Substain

    Our years of experience in manufacturing transportable building and assembling power distribution equipment enable us to build mobile substation. There are one, two or three trailers in a mobile substation. A three trailers mobile substation consists of high voltage switching trailer, transformer trailer and medium voltage/control trailer. High voltage switching and transformer can be located in one trailer to have two trailers mobile substation if the size is justified. Small medium voltage to low voltage substation only needs one trailer for medium voltage switching unit, transformer and the secondary circuit.

  • Typical rating Primary circuit (circuit breaker/circuit switcher)
    TypeAir insulated or gas insulated
    Frequency (hz)50, 60
    Voltage (kV)69, 115, 150
    Continuos ampere (A)1200, 1600, 2000
    Short time current withstand 1s (kA) 40
    Interrupting current (kA)20, 25, 40
  • Power transformer

    Frequency (hz)50, 60
    Rated power (MVA)8, 10, 20
    Primary voltage (kV)115, 150
    Secondary voltage (kV)13.8, 20