CONOCO Philips Sumpal Gas Expansion Port

The progress of E-House for Conoco Phillips Sumpal gas expansion reached 75 % as of 2nd week of March 2016. Welding work for structural member, roof, floor and wall was completed already. The ongoing work right now is architectural. The collaboration among Rekayasa Industry as the main contractor, Conoco Phillips as project owner and PT. Multipanel has been the key for project success. The E-House dimension is 48.0M long, 5.5M wide and 5.0M high. Due to its size and access to project site , our customer finally decided to split the E-House into 4 shipping section. PT. Multipanel’s experience on the initial development of Sumpal gas project in 2012 is very valuable to make sure that the E-House will be completed within quality, within schedule and safely. The E-House will be installed in Jambi province, Sumatra.