• Power Control Room
  • Living Quarter
  • Transportable Building
  • Power Control Room
  • Living Quarter
  • Electrical Distribution Control
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Medium Voltage Motor Control Center
  • Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Low Voltage Motor Control Center
  • Generator Control Panel
  • Distribution Board
  • Mobile Substation
  • Architecture
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Automatic Air Supression
  • Switchgear and Motor Control
  • Temperature rise and short circuit calculation for partially type tested assembly (PTTA)
  • Short Circuit Calculation
  • Temperature Rise Calculation
  • Enginereed to customize for every unique requirement
  • Connection to an existing line up : transition section
  • Transportable Control Room Project List
  • Electrical Distribution Panel Project List
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    Alderweireld wurde erwartet, die im letzten Sommer zu verlassen, angeblich einen neuen langfristigen Vertrag ablehnt, aber die 29-Jährige hat eine Wiederbelebung diese Saison genossen. Neueste Übertragung Nachrichten GOSSIP Man United Bewegung für Juventus ace, zu Arsenal wonderkid landet plus Spurs Aktualisierungszeit für einen kruse Spurs im Sommer swoop für ace Deutschland – 4 Jahre, nachdem er sie POG-bye abgelehnt?

    Solskjaer von Pandit sagte er muss Pogba verwenden Nachricht zu Man United 1xbet Kader auszusenden Tottenham sollte Bale und Modric re-sign ‚Gewinner‘ bringen sie zurück, schlägt Ex-Spurs Mann Klatsch Coutinho Zukunft Front News-Seite in Spanien als Groß verbunden mit ex- Liverpool Stern enthüllt Die sieben Spieler Tottenham haben vor Sommer-Transfer ODDS ausgekundschaftet REVEALED Die 14 Spieler am ehesten in diesem Sommer französisch-Verbindung Real Madrid Grundstück £ 125m Paul Pogba Gebot für Man United unterzeichnen, nachdem er enthüllt Zidane ‚Traum‘ PAPER TALK Pogba verknüpft mit £ 125m Spanien Schalter, Hudson-Odoi angeboten riesige Löhne von Chelsea seinen Weg con? (more…)

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    Simple methods to Side an individual Announcement to thrill the Admissions Committee

    In addition you can discussion not just about subject zones but will also about extracurricular programs until this school holds and that you simply will cherish to accept engagement in. A final result is known as a substantive factor as it supplies that aftertaste that stays reading it and has effects on the actual notion regarding your identity.

    This is why why I long-term to study the following and why I are able to competently job relevant to the entire valuations the institution promotes.’ So, it is easy to temporarily hint the points that you diligently were babbling at the start of your individual affirmation. (more…)

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    These Stories From Fellas Who’ve Gotten Mail Purchase Brides Is likely to make You Surprise Why You Have not Bought One particular Already

    These Stories From image of asian mail order bride Fellas Who’ve Gotten Mail Purchase Brides Is likely to make You Surprise Why You Have not Bought One particular Already

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    BP Tangguh LNG Project

    BP Berau Ltd., is the operator of Tangguh LNG, a two train natural gas (NG) liquefaction facility in Bintuni Bay, Papua, Indonesia. The facility includes associated onshore infrastructure, two offshore platforms, pipelines and twelve wells. These facilities are the Trains 1 and 2 development at Tangguh. BP Berau Ltd. has initiated the Tangguh Expansion Project to commercialise the incremental resource into high margin gas markets based on a single LNG (liquefied natural gas) train expansion (Train 3).

    As part of this project, PT. ABB Sakti Industri and also PT. Yokogawa Indonesia was awarded by the main contractor CSTS – (Chiyoda Saipem Tripatra SAE). The Pre-Fabricated Electrical SubStation (PESB) and Local Control Room (LCR) is part of Electrical & Instrument scope. PT. ABB Sakti Industri and also PT. Yokogawa Indonesia has selected PT. Multipanel Intermitra Mandiri (MIM) to be its SUBCONTRACTOR of this building.

    PT. ABB Sakti Industri awarded the contract  to PT. MIM to supply total 8 unit Substation, which called PESB (Prefabricated Electrical Substation Building). The schedule of completion is January 30, 2019. It is on an extremely tight schedule. Having previous experience with ABB, PT. MIM feels confident to deliver all E-Houses on time.

    PT. Yokogawa Indonesia awarded the contract  to PT. MIM to supply total 4 unit Substation we called Local Control Room (LCR). The schedule of completion is November 31, 2018. PT. MIM feels confident to deliver all E-Houses on time.

    Pertamina Retrofit DCS Group I Area HSC Refinery Unit II Dumai.

    PT.Multipanel Intermitra Mandiri is awarded the contract from PT.SCHNEIDER Electric Systems Indonesia  to supply 1 unit Instrument Satellite House for  PT. Pertamina RU-II Dumai. The schedule of completion is in mid ofAugust, 2018.

    PLTG MPP 30MW Fast Track Siemens

    PT.Multipanel Intermitra Mandiri is awarded the contract from PT.SIEMENS Indonesia  to supply total 1 unit Substation called E-House Package for PLN Fast Track Tanjung Jabung (PLTG-MPP 30MW), Owner is PT. Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali. The schedule of completion is inMay 31, 2018.

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