Advantage and disadvantage essay writing IELTS Advantages Disadvantages essay

Advantage and <a href="">visit the site right here</a> disadvantage essay writing IELTS Advantages Disadvantages essay

There wasn’t just one solution to do this, of course. Nevertheless the way I recommend to my IELTS students is effective. Here it is the bottom line is:

Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Advantages
Paragraph 3: Disadvantages
Paragraph 4: Conclusion

Of course, it is perfectly fine to modify paragraphs 2 and 3 if you would like.

Let’s look in the question again:

There seems to be an trend that is increasing assessing students through exams in place of continual assessment. Which are the benefits and drawbacks of exams as a kind of assessment?

And look that is now let’s the aforementioned structure in a little more detail.

Paragraph 1 = Introduction

  1. Paraphrase the back ground statement (the sentence that is first)
  2. Say that there are advantages and disadvantages to this

Here’s what I wrote:

These days increasing emphasis is put on assessing students’ performance through examinations, in place of assessment that is continual. I think that the application of exams in schools and universities has both positive and negative implications.

You will notice I haven’t said what these are that I have said there are advantages and disadvantages but. I am going to try this in the body of my essay. I also haven’t yet given my overall opinion. I’ll save this for the conclusion.

  1. Topic sentence saying that you can find (several / various) advantages linked to the matter
  2. Advantage 1 + extension (= reasons / examples)
  3. Advantage 2 + extension (= reasons examples that are/

I believe there are various advantages to using exams as a way of evaluating performance. To start with, the data that an exam is scheduled for the end of a time period of study encourages students to focus harder though the weeks or months prior to the examination. In the place of wasting their time, looking out of the window during class, they will be motivated to be controlled by the teacher and set that is complete tasks. An additional benefit is the fact that exams allow students and teachers to understand how they clearly are performing in relation to their peers. A sense of healthy competition, which students will need when they enter the work place in fact, the examination process sets in motion.

As you can plainly see, I have given two advantages (to begin all….. / Another advantage is that….). Each idea has been extended with at least one sentence, giving reasons and examples to guide it.

  1. Topic sentence stating that you can find (several / various) disadvantages linked to the matter
  2. Disadvantage 1 + extension (= reasons examples that are/
  3. Disadvantage 2 + extension (= reasons examples that are/

However, there are several drawbacks to forcing children and young adults to take exams. One of these simple is that exams can put pressure that is tremendous students, particularly those with learning difficulties or confidence issues. This pressure can cause health that is mental such as for instance anxiety and depression, and even, in extreme situations, to suicide. In such cases, continual assessment would certainly appear to be a fairer and less stressful method of assessment. Another problem with exams would be that they only evaluate a student’s performance on a particular day rather than over a period of time. Many students suffer from nerves or sleep disorders into the run up to a big test, so that they perform less well than if their progress was measured on a regular basis during term-time.

  1. Re-state your opinion in various words
  2. Say if you think there is a balance whether you think there are more advantages / disadvantages (of)
  3. Briefly explain why you would imagine this

On balance, I think that student progress must certanly be measured using a mixture of exams and continual assessment. This could allow a fairer and more assessment that is accurate of students’ performance.

As you care able to see, I have given a balanced opinion in my own conclusion, suggesting that exams ought to be used together with continuous assessment. However, it might also be possible to state that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (for example, if you would imagine that exams are better than continual assessment).

You will also realize that my final sentence gives a reason that is general my opinion. This indicates me extra marks that I have thought deeply about the topic, and would probably gain.

I am hoping which you now understand how to write and structure an IELTS advantages essay that is disadvantages. As mentioned above, this article could be the fifth in a few articles on how to approach various kinds of essays in IELTS. You can access these by clicking below:

A few weeks, I’ll be writing about how to structure the second kind of IELTS Advantages Disadvantages essay (for which you have to say whether or not the advantages outweigh the advantages)